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Our clinics are the only of their kind. They’re fast, they’re focused; they have a purpose. The Packaged Deal is the ultimate softball clinic experience. Our events have a 6:1 player to coach ratio. If you’re a coach, you can come share the turf with us and learn too. Girls learn what it takes to compete, set goals and thrive. Athletes leave more confident, motivated and inspired.

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  • The TPD Experience

    Our all-inclusive clinic features high-level hitting instruction, elite defensive drills and speed & agility training all while focusing on the mental portion of our game that is crucial to a softball player’s success. Our clinic is unique in the way we can both communicate and demonstrate what we are asking our athletes to do. We relate to them on a level most coaches cannot. We selflessly draw from our own experiences of competing at the highest levels of the game to inspire our attendees. Each TPD Experience also boasts a goal-setting session that helps athletes broaden their perspectives and grow as both players and people, alike.

  • Catching

    This session is loud and intense. Athletes will learn the keys to becoming a consistent force behind the plate. This fast-paced event stresses the fundamentals while simultaneously pushing catchers out of their comfort zone. We will develop your leadership presence and you’ll learn drills to do on your own to get better each and every day. In this session, you will be pushed to work harder than you ever have before.

  • Pitching

    The pitching session stresses body awareness and attention to detail. Girls will compete in dynamic drills that combine athleticism and strength as well as build a better understanding of pitching mechanics. Pitchers will learn how to gain physical strength and velocity, but to leave with a stronger leadership presence to take to practices, games, lessons and the player’s team.

  • VIP Upgrade

    This is for the athlete who wants to elevate their TPD clinic experience and spend intimate time with The Packaged Deal Founders and Team. Those in the VIP Session and their families are invited to a private meet & greet, autograph and Q&A Session. VIP’s are gifted a limited addition T-Shirt, bracelet and sticker as well as receive priority check in!

Coach Pass
  • We are so proud of our Coach Pass; it’s where coaches aren’t just lectured at, but are a part of the action. You’ll spend the day on the turf up close and personal with us. You’ll learn our drills and have access to video the clinic to learn at home. This is a perfect event for the knowledge-seeking coach or parent who’s goal is to bring the best training to their team or home. Every coach receives our Coaches Packet and many say they plan their entire year’s worth of practices based on the clinic they attend.

    Our Coach Pass is one of a kind.

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Bring the best softball clinic in the country to YOUR facility. We select hosts for every season, and we’d love that host to be you.

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