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Our clinics are the only of their kind. They’re fast, they’re focused; they have a purpose. We have specific and specialized events for each major facet of the game. Clinic attendees pick which sessions they want to attend and create their own schedules. Our events have a 6:1 player to coach ratio. If you’re a coach, you can come share the turf with us and learn too. Girls walk away knowing what it takes to compete, set goals and thrive. Athletes leave more confident, motivated and inspired.

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  • Hitting

    Our hitting session is designed to develop a more confident hitter. Athletes walk away with a collection of drills that can be implemented into their everyday routines immediately. We’ll teach girls the keys to becoming more fundamentally sound at the plate and we’ll listen to elite hitters share their positive self-talk and in-game routines. Girls increase their power and strength and learn about the mental components of hitting which help athletes make adjustments quickly. Every hitting session includes a goal-setting station that includes a take-home action card.

  • Catching

    This session is our quickest, loudest, most intense event we offer. Athletes will learn the keys to becoming a consistent force behind the plate. These fast-paced station based events stress the fundamentals while simultaneously pushing catchers out of their comfort zone. We will develop your leadership presence and vocal skills, you’ll learn drills to do on your own to get better each and every day and we will learn to compete. In this session, you will be pushed to work harder than you ever have before.

  • Pitching

    The pitching session at The Packaged Deal stresses body awareness, and attention to detail by having pitchers push themselves thru dynamic drills that combine athleticism + a better understanding of pitching mechanics. The goal at the end of every pitching session is to not only leave new drills to incorporate into a player’s workout to gain physical strength and velocity, but to leave with a stronger leadership presence to take to practices, games, lessons and the player’s team.

  • Defense & Agility

    Every player will benefit from the Defense & Agility session, no matter your age, position, or experience. While this session dives into infield-specific glove & footwork, players will participate in high-energy stations that will test and strengthen their ability to catch, throw, move, & change direction according to movement patterns required in each of the different positions on the field.

Coach Pass
  • We are so proud of our Coach Pass; it’s where coaches aren’t just lectured at, but a part of the action. You’ll spend the day on the turf up close and personal with us. You’ll learn our drills, skills and have unparalleled access to our staff. This is perfect event for the knowledge-seeking coach or parent who’s goal is to bring the best training to their team or home. Every coach receives our Coaching Takeaways packet and many say they plan their entire year’s worth of practices based on the clinic they attend.

    Our Coach Pass is one of a kind.

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